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. we are live in san jose where streets will soon get brighter, we will tell you why some areas have been dark for years and why the change.
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and the crash in san francisco bay, there are still questions that need to be answered, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new days february 19th. >> it was beautiful, we could sure use some rain, maybe tomorrow we will get something out of this system and tomorrow is that day in between and we need to see some increasing clouds and cooler temperatures, here is soul. >> good evening no major problems and also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 and that traffic is looking good, it is 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. we begin with a deadly
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chase in san jose, one person was killed while trying to escape from the police. alex savage has more. alex? >> the driver of that stolen suv was killed in this accident. san jose out at the scene tells me this was the end of a police pursuit and the drive is on the run, or the suv i should say, they just arrived to if i can it up. going east on boss some -- blossom hill road and this was a ravine. this pursuit began at 11:00 last night near powers lane and they reached speeds up to 100 miles per hour. the driver of the suv tried to
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rundown a san jose police officer and he tried to run an officer off the road which is how the chase began. a lieutenant tells me it was clear, this driver was trying to hit the officer. as he left, he knew at this point that this person was intending amount inly -- intentionally driving the vehicle towards him. the suspect vehicle continued on, on capital expressway. >> it is unclear why and they will be looking for any signs of inn pair. with that driver. neither of them were -- neither of them were seriously hurt. they tried to hook up the suv
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and pull it out of the ravine, it has already been taken by the coroner. this investigation could soon take an hour and they remained shut down here live here in san jose, ktvu channel 2 morning news. just turning 5:03, they are investigating a 22-year-old man who was stabbed to death. a 10,000 dollars reward is being offered with the arrest. it happened 5:00 saturday night so far there is no word of a motive and no arrests have been made. it was an emotional night as they said goodbye to colleen godfrey. >> reporter: the little girl
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died early saturday morning and five family members escaped the flames but carolina was strapped on the second floor and rescuers could not get to her in time. >> i heard her crying and say ouch, i knew she was gone, right then i knew my baby was not going to be the same. >> firefighters suffered minor injuries trying to rescue her. the cause of the fire is still under investigation and her mother is asking for help to pay for her funeral. hundreds of street lights are being turned back on. they will talk about why the lights are back on for years and how safety concerns prompted the actions of city leaders. >> we are here on baskin avenue and behind me, you can see the
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street light was on and that will soon change. they decided to turn off 900 street lights throughout the city and many were on the roads and some were in residential neighborhoods. the city council just approved the mid-year budget review report and in that it was decided that turning the lights back on should be a priority. $30 should have been set aside and approximately, 200 street lights will be turned on as well as the appearance of the road. it is unknown which will be lighted first but the city wants everyone to be patient. janine de la vega 5:05. they are trying to win a
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ban to circulate guns that will be exempt. they want to make it crystal clear and it is designed for military and law enforcement use. it would ban the guns as well for many. lawmakers only have four days to avoid the spending known as the second quester. coming up, -- second quest -- gesture. they now know where they first began. the fire started in front of a generator in the front inn general room.
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they were left without power sunday afternoon. the fairy collided injuring at least two people. they will also undergo drug testing and the investigation continued. if you drive on the richmond san rafael bridge, it was open again. a new automated system was installed on the bridge. other toll lanes will be visiting. >> what are you keeping an eye on sal? >> well, we are delighted, it is the holiday for most and unfortunately we continued to get to more serious crashes because the roads are wide open. this is a look at the east shore freeway and certainly people are out there but it is not empty out there and it is
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not going to be as crowded. it this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are not expecting a big crowd today. today we are off to a decent start in most areas. 507 let's go to steve. >> there could be a few little guys scooting by later and we have some rain but at least we will get something out of this tomorrow. there is a bunch of cold air with this system and it doesn't come tuesday into wednesday. some sun, cooler as well. because of that lower cloud deck, there is not a lot of rain, maybe some to a half inch but if we can get enough moisture, you can get snuff out of it in the gulf of alaska, but there is not enough of it, 30s and 40s on the temperatures, if you are right
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near novato. so far there is not much showing up except a little bit of a return after a nice sundayp temperatures are going from really nice to really cold. partly sunny to the south and east, low clouds sunny and cooler, temperatures today in the 50s for many. cold rain and maybe a little bit lingering, partly sunny cool and breezy. >> time now 5:09, his basketball coach is being pushed to explain himself, the time out incident is caught on camera, what the coach is now saying about. dissecting mysterious fragments in russia and they want to know
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about the meteor. if you are driving, it is moving along well getting up to the tunnel and walnut creek, we will tell you more coming up, stay tuned.
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. when firefighters arrived, a large pile of metal was fluffed in flames and crews are working to keep it from flaming two fuel tanks. they found 53 tiny fragments at an icy lake, but the lack of larger pieces is fueling speculation. one says a u.s. weapon caused the fireball. the resulting sonic boom caused $33 million in damage an injured 3300 people. britton's environment says it depends too much on paperwork and officials were warned in 2011 that horse meet was ill liely entering the
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human chain. it is found in hamburgers and also school meals. they are bracing for automatic spending cuts. kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, workers could lose their job, kyla in. >> reporter: there are 170,000 workers in california and we have been hearing about those automatic government spending cuts and they put it on hold until march 1st and congress is on break all of this week and when they get back, it leaves four days to come up with a plan to keep them from going into effect. more than 2 million workers are waiting to see if they could lose their jobs. >> the republican house has already voted twice to replace the president's second quester
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with spending cuts, they saw them on real priorities. >> they are working to include both increased tax revenue and spending cuts, if this all goes into effect, it will take a real toll on our economy, and we will have more when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, cal basketball coach mike montgomery is not offering any apologies for a controversial moment on the court. he push him during -- he pushed a team player and they felt he was not giving his all on the basketball court. it is hard to say what happened during the exchange but they rallied to beat usc 76-68. collin kaepernick is becoming a huge star across the
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country. he recently received an invitation to the grammies and many are asking him to be a special correspondent at the oscars this weekend and they all want him as a guest, his response is always the same, i would rather hit the gym. they are wanted for hitting a security officers. they reportedly stole two cases of bear and then hit a van. somebody in the van fired shots at a security vehicle who ran after them. he did get the license plate number, 4w z y. >> they are looking at a controversial way to put illegal download sites out of business. they are trying to cut funding for those sites.
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they are in a long fight and now exon -- now those executives are adding themselves instead of talking on their own cell phones. coming up, why some say cell phone free airplanes are actually better and safer. >> okay, 5:17 is the time let's check back in with sal, it is president's day and a lot of people have the day off of work and schools are closed. >> who are those people. >> you were supposed to give us the day off, sal, you dropped the ball. >> the good thing is if you do have to go, it will be lighter and you don't have to deal with the huge crowds, there will be people on the roads and let's look at it. even on a normal day would
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still be light but we'll see what happens after 6:30 but i have a feeling it will still be light. on the peninsular, if you are trying to get to 17, let's go to steve. it is just beautiful weather, a system is approaching from the north and it has a lot more cold air than it does rain and it does not look like much rain after tuesday as well. 30s 40s and 50s, the low cloud deck is already moving in. our system is still back here, increasing clouds, it is pushing everything in advance of it and there is not a lot of it. the rainfall, we will take everything we can get but it is not looking good. we have a much colder pattern
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tuesday into wednesday. low clouds, fog sun, increasing clouds, that system gets a lot closer, 50s and 60s and temperatures are coming much cooler, if there is any available snow moisture, cool and breezy as we go towards the end of the week. overnight, nearly all the overnight asian markets are closed 2% close to a fewer year high and they did not directly criticize them to weeken the current -- weaken the currency. checking in on our numbers, markets are closed for president's day and here is where we ended the day on friday and we will start the
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day tomorrow, a little bit of a mixed picture probably waiting to respond no less. a violent outburst, what happened to the man who allegedly slapped a child who didn't stop crying. >> i had all these letters in it and staring me in the face was a purple heart. >> a california man makes an incredible discovery involving a war war 2 hero. -- world war ii hero.
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. >> welcome back, an idaho man used a racial slur before slapping a child and his employer said his allegations go against company values and he told his attorney he will plead not guilty. airline passengers are not allowing you to use your cell phones on flight and it is getting mixed reaction. european flights allow you to use phones but here in the u.s. the federal aviation
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administration requires you to shut cell phones but turning them off is not exactly clear when they will institute that. >> i think they think everybody is having a big party here. >> uc and committee -- community health says cell phones could be amplified inside of a plane but others call that possible danger, small. they are recalling 7 5,000 of its cars in u.s. and canada. the problem is with a u.s. battery connector that can cause the battery to stall. it caused three vehicles in the 2011 model years which includes wagon and koops.
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it involves them through 2012 and no injuries have been reported. a new study shows getting kids to watch educational television shows can improve their behavior. they switched from violent shows to ones that include sesame street andorra the explorer. they admit violence did fade with time. a southern california woman hardly knew her father. she is now the proud owner of his purple heart. the man was the landlord of the woman's mother and he made an incredible discovery while cleaning the home out.
5:28 am
>> fairing me in the face was a purple heart. >> to me it means today we are honoring his memory. [applauds]. >> the manager hooked up with the veteran's daughter by contacting purple heart reunited and it returns lost or stolen metals to family members. 5:26 is the time. new information on a crash in san jose, sal? >> we do have new video as well of this crash, unfortunately it was a fatal crash in san jose, this was the suv that was involved. the driver of the suv allegedly tried to run over some officers and then the officers gave chase and the car lost control near blossom hill road and alex savage is on the scene, they pulled a badly damaged suv out of the way and we will have more on the story coming
5:29 am
including another look at this story. this traffic is moving along well getting up to highway 17 and it is a holiday, we are not expecting huge traffic jams. 680 on the sunole grade, let's go to steve. we have a change in our pattern and the system is to the north, it is about 16 to 18 hours to go before it makes much of an impact. 30s and 40s on the temperatures and we expect much of these to come up. clouds are moving in on us and temperatures will be in the 50s and we have some sun and we have more on this system coming up in about ten minutes. coming up in about 5 minutes, people are morning the -- mourning the loss of mindy mccreedy, what investigators are saying about her death. we will tell you why
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national gas prices are on the rise and how they stock up to the national average.
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. >> welcome back, it is february 18th, i am dave clark. >> time now 5:30 let's check in with steve paulson. >> an ad from a cow, it threw
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me here for a second. we have a change for tomorrow, 50s on the temperatures and maybe some rain tomorrow and we will have more on that in about 5 minutes. here is sal. good morning, westbound traffic looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze heading out to the bay bridge toll plaza which looks great and it is likely to stay that way unless there is a problem. let's go back to dave and pam. we begin this morning with a deadly chase in san jose. one person was killed while attempting to evade police officers. now we just received new video of last night's crash near blossom hill and south san jose. the driver of the suv tried to run over an officer during a traffic stop a short time earlier. the officer jumped into his car
5:34 am
and chased the suspect for several miles, eventually the person was captured and officers are expected to survive. they created a pile of smashed cars in oakland. a deputy and sergeant were pursuing a car that failed to stop for them 9:30 last night. a black sheriff's suv swerve to avoid crashing. >> he could not a void to maneuver the car in front of him. >> the sheriff's suv clipped that car and then hit a parked suv and pushed it on top of the another parked are can. the deputy and sergeant were taken to the hospital but
5:35 am
neither appeared to suffer serious injuries. tara moriarty is live in emoryville to tell us what you drivers should know this morning. tara? >> reporter: the sign says it all, $4.15 per gallon and the average retail price has risen 9 cents over the past week and it shows no signs of going down and people are definitely feeling the pinch, right in the winter when people are already looking at high home heating bills and people are worried about looming budget cuts. experts say everything from rising crude prices to reduction in refineries. >> this is ridiculous. when is it going to stop? it makes no sense. >> how much do you normally
5:36 am
spend? >> 50 or 60 a week, it used to be like, 30. >> here is the national average coming in at 413 and san jose at $4.08s. why are california prices so much higher find out in my next update. mindy mccreedy died at her home in arkansas yesterday. authorities say the singer shot herself and her dog. reports say she had been dealing with a tough time of the suicide of her boyfriend. she had a hit song, guys do it all the time and a song called 10,000 angels. >> they are expected to go to
5:37 am
the candle light vigil for mckay. he was a sheriff's deputy and father of two and they were chasing christopher dorner, the former l.a. police officers suspected of killing two police officers. it took place 100 miles outside of los angeles and resort owners are ready to put his gruesome death behind them. they want everybody to know big bear is now open for business, there were ski borders there this weekend. they are looking for a man wanted for assaulting a woman on campus. he is described as between 30 and 40 and has green eyes with a mustache and goatee. he smells like cigarettes and anybody with information should
5:38 am
call police. anybody with a plan for information to make their city safer, let's talk about when street lights will turn back on. >> when the city first decided to do this, to darken the lights, you can see there is still plenty of street lights on and this darkening bothered residents because they were worried about safety. back in 2008 and 2009 they decided to turn off lights because they were worried and some of them were in residential neighborhoods and the decision was made because of reductions but they just gave out the financial review report and in that report it was decided turning on the lights should be a priority. 30,000 should be put aside an
5:39 am
approximately in march, treat lights will be turned on as well as at the a appearance of the road, but the city is just asking people to be patient . we wanted to see if some of them even noticed and how they feel about this plan they came up with. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the proposal created by president barack obama is a backup plan incase congress fails to come up with a plan of their own. they publicked a leaked draft which includes a provision for a special new visa for illegal immigrants which will allow them to stay in the country while they wait for illegal status. the president arrived in
5:40 am
palm beach friday night and will go back to washington. he played golf with tiger woods and the two had met in the past but this was a first time they played golf together. and with president's day come closures. and they are all in observancement ac transit will be on a sunday schedule and don't forget parking meters in san francisco will still be enforced. >> okay, 5:38 is the time, he said he is starting at the toll plaza and my prediction is empty. >> pam, you are a very good observer. you just don't tend to speed
5:41 am
and chp does not have the day off. it is empty and it may even stay this way when it should not be on a monday. right now it is nice and light getting into san francisco. san francisco looks good incase you are trying to get into downtown traffic and it should be a nice drive. it looks good on 101, let's go to steve. all right, everybody low clouds pushing inland, probably mostly cloudy near the coast, our system is moving in anymore behind that, we will get more system and it is on its way. in fact this looks like a pretty cool week and i emphasize the coolness and this may be the only system in the pipeline but the snow level will be very low by wednesday
5:42 am
morning. and it is a cold unstable level for the storm so keep an eye on that and we are already in advance of those low clouds, 30s and 40s on the temperatures and also we have a breeze and high and mid-level clouds are still up here and in advance of that, it is pushing the clouds and some are saying partly cloudy skies to partly cloudy and temperatures will continue to drop and they will take a tumble tuesday into wednesday. low clouds, some sun and it will be cooler and winds should turn more southerly, so a few very low 60s, they will start to struggle and that will not be the case use it tie, a week system is brushing us into the
5:43 am
weekend. we are following breaking news out of new jersey, we want to take you live to this marina, you can see firefighters there, this fire has damaged at least three boats as far as we know. this is near we hawk ken -- wee hawken new jersey and firefighters are actively causing that, they will soon be available live pictures out of new jersey this morning. tracking oscar pistorius, he is getting ready to protect himself in court after being accused of murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. going up in flames, why a musician decided to cream mate his instrument after one city
5:44 am
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. welcome back, good morning, here is a look at some of the top stories, one person was killed after crashing a stolen car while trying to get away from police. it happened in south san jose near monterey road. two teenage girls were hurt but they are expected to survive. gasoline prices are up well over $4 per gallon and just a
5:47 am
few minutes ago we found a gas station charging $4.15 for regular. they are going up because of cut backs and also some refinery issues. across the board spending cuts expected to take affect march 1st. they call this suck questerred -- -- they call it held money and congress is on recess until mention monday. oscar pistorius has canceled all future track races days after being charged with his girlfriend death. they visited him behind bars and prosecutors plan to argue he committed premeditated murder. reeva steenkamp was shot four times through a bathroom door inside his home last friday and
5:48 am
oscar pistorius' fans are still in shock. >> none of us know exactly what happened so it's not our place to say either way. >> they are calling it tomorrow for a hearing. >> and a memorial is being held for reeva steenkamp. she was moved to her home town in port elizabeth yesterday. meanwhile, a reality show featured the 29-year-old although some say it was inappropriate, reeva steenkamp's family said they were not opposed because they wanted everybody to see it. venezuela president hugo chavez has returned home and this comes after cuba, he did have treatment following his surgery and he said he is home and will continue his cancer treatment. it is one of the biggest arrive are yous -- rivalries.
5:49 am
they attack how they say google is minding g-mail for users. they do have software that might interest g-mail users and industry users say it has been an accepted structure for years. police responded to gunfire detection system and when they arrived they found a 30-year- old male with multiple gunshot wounds to his legs. so far there is no suspect information which has been released. we are finding out how part rays could affect the cost of oysters. they are making a final legal push and if it does close, ouster prices will go up.
5:50 am
tomorrow they will hear arcments. this that happens, the price of moisture is about to go up since they are responsible for productions. the show is over for a local you tube musician. for two weeks, he has been playing his piano on a bluff in half-moon bay and he had planned to do it every night for a month but without a permit he decided to stop and he decided to officially retire the piano with fire. >> so many people are enjoying this and i feel very proud. >> his sister said setting the piano on fire was a way to set
5:51 am
its soul free. >> we meant to give you the day off. >> we have light conditions and most of the time we don't have any incidents, but if there is one they tend to be more severe. we are off to a pretty good start at the bay bridge, it looks very nice on this president's day holiday. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and it is going well for the interstate bay bridge. likewise on the peninsular, 101 looks good from burlingame to red would city. >> all right a nice change and that's being replaced it will be here late today and tomorrow morning. we need the rain but things done look good -- doesn't look
5:52 am
good, they don't -- don't look good for the end of the month and temperatures are going to plunge. not a lot of rain, very low snow levels, maybe even below 2000 feet and one forecast model is extremely cold. they are beginning to usher in some of that low cloud deck, i expect them to stay there even oakland sitting at 50 degrees and we have a ways to go before it makes it here. the system will work its way through into about early wednesday and we will get ready to bundle up. a south breeze in advance of it, 50s and 60s are on the temperatures and it will cloud up, and there is a bobbability on thursday, -- a possibility,
5:53 am
not much happening by thursday, and on saturday, just cooler and breezy. microsoft is opening its own retail stores and they already have pop up stores featuring its chrome laptop but 9:00 to 5:00 google reports the stand alone stores compared to google and other products, stores can open later this year. a good day to diehard opened up at the box office, his 5th spot took in $21 million despite bad reviews, and warm bodies round out the top 5. top and another first for women, why a new day at daytona
5:54 am
danika patrick, we will have more on what she did on the tracks. plus we will have a historical destination, stay tuned. t whatever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh, man. she's beautiful smart and sensible. jackpot. [ crewperson ] anything else? [ male announcer ] mcdonald's crispy, juicy chicken mcnuggets are now part of the extra value menu. so you get the tastes you love
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at a price you'll love even more. guess who's going to the game? [ internal ] thank you. [ male announcer ] the simple joy of having more to love.
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5:58 am
. she has become the first woman to secure the top spot in the starting of the daytona 500, dan why patrick posted 196
5:59 am
miles per hour in the daytona and the next race will air on channel 2, way to go danika. >> hey, sal, what can danika do on 280 right now? >> well, if it were legal, very fast. >> don't get any ideas. chp doesn't take the day off, so let's look at what we have with the roads, northbound 280, nice and wide open for you. you don't have to be ridiculously slow but take it easy out there. also the sunole grade, that traffic is doing well heading to san jose. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. coming up in the 6:00 hour, a chase ends in a deadly crash, what police said the driver tried to do just moments before

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